My Journey to Today

My journey – I wonder what you want to know …………..

My art journey started/finished (whichever way you look at it) at my Technical School in London when only one of my paintings was ever displayed on the art room wall. The painting, which was a small one, of two perspective lanes of trees disappearing towards a house, I can still remember it. The action of this teacher showing my art made me and makes me feel very proud and I carry this feeling today.

I think that you would like to know that the next sentences have never stopped me from painting. I’ve had no official art training, never went to art school, never went to university and have never enrolled for a fine art degree.

To continue ……..

Later on it was marriage, raising a family and work, oh, and moving house a lot of times following my husbands work. This all gave me little time to follow any personal interests.

When we finally moved to The West Country of the UK, I must add without our children, it gave me more time for ‘me’. Luckily the feeling of wanting to paint raised up again and I became curious. The local U3A group was going to run a Watercolour For Beginners Course, and I enrolled like a shot. Yes, some of the techniques did baffle me and I still feel guilty that I didn’t do one of the homework’s – guess what on – perspective. The tutor Helen launched me on my way.

During this time we took a holiday in Cuba and it was there I was mesmerised by a local artist who portrayed jungle, animals, and people in his own unique way. Sitting and staring I savoured his use of colour, design and pure imagination.

After several visits to Cuba and staying at the same hotel I started to paint scenes based on my experiences at the hotel. A beach bar on the edge of the beach, even a broken palm beach umbrella slung into the undergrowth. This deserted unwanted umbrella made me feel very sad for it and I have immortalised both of these and more in my paintings. You can see some of these memories on my card page.

But after a few years we moved again and once in our new area I changed to acrylic medium, and I’m very pleased I did. Again it meant that I had more to learn. I went on a few courses but it was Ashley Hanson who had a great effect on my art, subsequently I’ve attended many of his courses. If anyone knows how my art has changed then it’s him.

Because of covid, zoom courses have become popular and I found my second person who has greatly influenced me and my art, namely Nicholas Wilton, founder of Art2Life. In 2021 I undertook Nick’s intensive three month Creative Visionary Programme, on zoom of course, and it ‘blew my mind’. I’d never had art explained in such a way, once again ooooops, my learning curve went straight up. Yes I struggled but that was part of it to make us think. In one exercise we were encouraged to describe our past paintings, then describe what we were doing at the time, and finally what we wanted for our art in the future. Looking at my future list which included, bold, colourful, exciting, heartfelt, fearless, reflection of me, swishes and swirls and to trust my intuition, looking at my current art I am achieving all of this.

I am pushing out my art boundary by booking a solo exhibition at The Red Store, Lerryn, Cornwall in June 2022, I’ve also booked my first ever cruise – always said I don’t want to go on a boat but that life boundary is well and truly pushed out as well.

And what of now and my future …………………. that’s on my home page.