All for the love of colour

I am on an exciting journey with my art, painting intuitively from my heart, enjoying taking risks and painting what excites me in a way that feels totally natural.

I love representing the real world in abstract shapes or letting a design flow infused with colour and various marks, including scribbles and scratches which are often seen in my work.

My chosen medium is acrylic enjoying its fluidity and quick drying, sometimes I add collage, but I must admit that is not very often.

There are many layers in each of my paintings with shapes added and subtracted, shapes moved, shapes vaguely painted over, colours changed, glazes applied which all add depth and interest to my finished work.

How do I know when a painting is finished, it’s when my heart says

‘STOP !!!! Don’t do anymore’

and I put my brush down.

I invite you to stand back and look, then come closer and see its depth.

All work copyright © Muriel Cole